weekend reading


Since I haven't blogged in a while I have quite a few things I want to share! 

Now that I'm into embossing, stamps are something I'm interested in. I found this cute tutorial and now I want to make all sorts of stamps! 

I have been anxiously awaiting an update on this reddit thread. There are some pretty gross suggestions. 

I bought groceries to make these crispy cauliflower tacos (but have yet to actually make them). 

Living Simply with a Flip Phone. Ah, yes, the flip phone. I have one for work and it is HILARIOUS. I could actually see myself using a flip phone regularly if it weren't for texting taking 500 years or the lack of Instagram.

Why am I just now finding out about the magical amazingness that is Chef's Table?! I saw an episode randomly at a friend's house and now I'm hooked. The cinematography is SO BEAUTIFUL and of course after every episode I am starving for a fancy 3 star meal.  

My sister showed this to me and I have been laughing about it for days. 

The inspiration in this blog post is real. 



Ok y'all, I love La Croix and I was into before it got trendy, OKAY. It's really popular now and here's why.

love love love this post from Joy the Baker. 

I find routines and habits so interesting, so this piece on President Obama's nightly routine was right up my alley. 

I've made this tea more than once since it's been posted and it is perfectly refreshing! I decided that it is a healthy version of Kool-Aid #sellingpoints 

Aaaaand some other links (mostly to empty out my "blog fodder" bookmarks, let's be real):
-I want this rug real bad. 
-I need to try this cute hairstyle
-Sorry, We Don't Take Obamacare. Ugh. I know this pain firsthand.
-I have been listening to a metric TON of Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop, mostly this song.
-Also have been listening to a lot of Marlon Williams
-And on love: Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person and also maybe just be nice to the person you love