weekend reading


This week has been long. On Tuesday I thought it was Friday. That's never a good sign. But here it is, Friday! I've got a crafty weekend planned this weekend and I am excited! 

On to the links!

I'm really lazy with reading books these days so I've run into the problem of starting a book and not finishing it before it's due date. I started Modern Lovers in book form and am now finishing it in audiobook form. Sometimes it takes multiple media to get it done! 

I want one of these scarves so bad!!! But they are all sold out! Not surprising considering how beautiful they are! 

I know what I'm asking for this Christmas. #nostalgia 

This article made me feel like I've been lied to my whole life. Probably cause I have been. You too. 

Headphones Everywhere. I do feel a certain serenity when I have my headphones on. 

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS THIS ONE IS SO FUNNY. I could not stop laughing when I read this one. It's so dumb and ridiculous.

Kombucharita Punch. Yes please.  

Y'all know my obsession with constellation things. So obviously I want these ear crawlers

Death Bear. Only in New York, I tell you. 

I love this caftan but I also feel like I could 1. easily make it and 2. that it would look ridiculous on me. It is #caftanseason, though. 

Well, there you go. Another week's links to entertain, delight, and ponder. xoxo.