weekend reading


Oh heeeeeey. I have a blog. I didn't forget. I just didn't post, ya know? But I've been saving up some links so I might as well dump them all out here. 

I'm loving this pretty hair pin. If I bought it, maybe I would actually wear my hair down??

Iceland's Water Cure. This article had me nostalgic about all the many summer days I spent at my neighborhood public pool. I celebrated many birthdays there and I have only good memories of swimming for hours at a time, whining when it was adult swim time, and leaving with red eyes from all the chlorine. Makes me want to go swim right now! 

All these pretty watercolor squares! I want to do this and use it as art. So pretty! 

Now that I've been weaving for about 6 months, I want to start branching out and trying new things with it. I think making waves is a good start. 

How to Get Your Body Caftan Ready for Summer. I LOVE THIS ARTICLE SO MUCH. 

Literally lol'd while reading this article on the un-necessity of lemon zest

Just like every other fashion/style aspect, home design has trends and a major one right now is white walls, minimalistic decor, and lots and lots of plants. The White Wall Controversy. I don't care what anyone says, I like the white walls and minimal decor! 

And finally, it's not weekend reading without a screenshot from a random Buzzfeed article. I had run across this one before, but this time I made sure to screen shot it so that I could look back on it and smile.