weekend reading


Cheers to the weekend! I have a lot of links this week- must be the warmer weather and my desire to drink cold things and do cool things. So let's just get right to it!

I think I'm going to have to get this kilim blanket. It is too perfect. 

Another home thing I want: kismet rug. My bestie just got this for her new townhouse and I have no shame about copying her gorgeous style. 

Next up, several recipes! I am obsessed with this avocado banana smoothie and I drink it nearly every day. It's refreshing and it feels super healthy. I have been fighting off the world's longest allergy attack (thanks a lot, Texas spring) and decided to give the old apple cider vinegar a try. I made it tasty with this switchel recipe. While babysitting the other day, I watched some trashy talk shows and knitted while the baby slept. I saw the hosts of some talk show make these eggs and I really want to try them! 

Crafty things! I have had a small constellation quilt kit from Haptic Lab for quite a while now but I have yet to get around to it...then this week I found out that they have a big version as well and I'm thinking I need to make it...eventually. Also in constellation news, I got this pin from Oh No Rachio this week and I adore it. I want to start a pin collection and this one was definitely a good first pin. I'm also IN LURVE with these petit point kits from We Are Knitters. It will be impossible to choose one! After getting my pretty watercolor painting last week, I now want a neon pink watercolor a la the flowers in the painting. I asked the artist what paint it was and she said it was Mission watercolor and I am assuming it was the "opera" color. Adding it to the wishlist! 

Now for some newsy-type things:
-Explaining feminism to bros
-Women's brains change when they become mothers- so cool!
-Top love languages for each MBTI category- ps I'm an ESFJ and my love language is correct! 
-This one is a tearjerker for sure: When do you give up on treating a child with cancer?
-YES to all of this. Let's stop it with the ridiculous "holidays". Please.
-Is staying in the new going out? I vote yes. Sometimes.