wednesday weaving


Several weeks ago it was one of my good friends' birthday. This friend has admired all of my craftiness for the last several years and has mentioned how she would love to have a little handmade something from me. For several years, I've sewed her son up some birthday and Christmas gifts, but I had never made anything for her. That all changed this year. 

I was so inspired by this post that I just had to do it myself. I headed to Target to get some picture frames and then I got to weaving. Once I started making my friend's weaving, I loved it, so I had to make myself one too! 

The good thing about mini weavings is that you can make multiples on the same loom at the same time! 

I recently visited my friend for lunch and I was so happy to see my weaving proudly displayed in her entryway! She wrote me a very nice thank you card, saying that the weaving reminds her of me every day! Crafting for friends can sometimes be frustrating because they don't appreciate it, but that wasn't the case this time!