weekend reading


Last weekend I went on a craft retreat, thus the silence the last several days! I was busy working on some projects that I am going to show on here, but the process pictures are no fun without the finished result! Therefore, I have a ton of links to share! 

Transitioning from winter to spring...mentally

From time to time, I get in a rut. I think we all do. This list is perfect for getting yourself out of a rut. At the very least it will be fun and good for you! 

White Chocolate Cherry Cookies? Um yes please. 

It's spring and beautiful, so I find myself daydreaming of bike rides. The only problem? I don't have a bike. I found this one, though, and I just might have to get it! 

Buzzfeed's at it again with the hilarious comments on their articles. This article is about creepy things at the Denver Airport and this comment thread made my day: 

Crafty things. I've always been into celestial stuff and thankfully celestial stuff is a trend right now, so I'm happy! I LOVE these constellation quilt blocks and Hawthorne Threads' new Celestial fabric line

Also in DIY: framing a woven wall hanging. I love weaving but there's only so much you can do with it. I love this idea for an alternative way of hanging a weaving! 

Still looking for my Mr. Darcy...and apparently he is still looking for his Ms. Bennet

Also in relationships, this: spoken boundaries are good