weekend reading


Weekend! Friday! Saturday! Sunday! Yes! 

I'm going to a baby's first birthday party this weekend and I'm sure I'll be whipping up one of these last minute (as usual) as a gift. I'll one day write about these little bags...I've made so many of them that I could probably do it in my sleep. 

I love spending (read: wasting) time on Buzzfeed and this poll article did not disappoint. I just loved how EVERYONE seems to agree on such random and ridiculous things. This was my favorite question because of the overwhelming majority of people who agreed that the horse would have a secret best friend:

I gave up unnecessary spending for Lent, but that definitely hasn't stopped me from wanting things and looking at them longingly online. A couple of weeks ago, I posted a link to an article about Marin Montagut's workspace and I was so struck by his ADORABLE watercolor water glass from Anthro that I started searching for a fun watercolor water glass as well. Well, Anthro did not disappoint...hopefully when Easter arrives they will still have this glass

photo from Anthro website

Cheers to the weekend!