weekend reading


I've got several good things for this week. Let's jump in. 

The Moral Bucket List. I read this article when it first came out last year, but when I ran across it again this week, it still spoke to me. I want to radiate inner light! 

Why I'm Returning to My Maiden Name. I found this to be really interesting. As someone who has accomplished a lot during my single years, I understand the desire to keep one's maiden name.  

I love a good old-fashioned written letter and apparently so does Peyton Manning

I LOVED this article and sent it to friends because it was so good. Less small talk, more big talk, please

This Buzzfeed article about a pig waking up to the scent of a cookie is adorable, but even better is this comment on the post: 

dead. laughing so hard. 

Ah, yes, homemaking. It can be a loaded topic. I liked this take on it. I'm also re-reading Shelter for the Spirit, which is all about homemaking, so I guess I have a theme to the week. 

Oh man. This is heartbreaking but also restores hope in humanity. 

I made this slow cooker vegetarian tortilla soup this week and it was so delightful. Adding some avocado to it really took it up a few notches. 

I lurve this little mushroom and moss necklace

Also lurving Lauren Merrick's illustrations

And finally, a DIY with perfect spring/summer colors