a finished weaving


Last week I shared some photos of a weaving in progress. Well, that wip has become an fo! I put a TON of rya on this one and it is very thick and beautiful, like a cartoon character's hair. 

Before adding the rya. 

~artsy~ rya photo

I was working on this last Friday morning before work- this is the point where I had to go to work, so I snapped a quick photo and dreamed of finishing it. 

I did one layer of the rya and I could still see warp strings, so I decided to do a second layer. 

see through rya! no good! must add more. 


I love how this beauty turned out. I definitely want to make some adorable mini versions of it. I really enjoyed using the sequin strand and I'm sure it will show up in just about every weaving I do from now on.