weekend reading


links I loved this week!

I want to make like a million of this dress. It would be so easy to get dressed. 

How cute is this oversized pillow?! I want to make one! So cute for sitting on and also adorable on the bed. 

I've had these painted sticks pinned for ages, but I rediscovered them this week and I want them soooo bad. 

I'm always drinking sparkling water so this article made me pause...and then I got a La Croix out of the fridge. 

Listening makes you more likable! As a counselor I already knew this, but it's such good advice for all relationships. 

Oh, Voodoo Donuts, you would

I found this article to be so fascinating. 

Gimme all the double gauze!!!

I want a hexagon terrarium so bad. I need to find a good container and get to planting.