new warp


Now that I have been weaving for a few months, I have noticed something: many of the weavers I follow and like use the same warp thread. I've been having problems with warping- I just can't seem to get it tight enough. I had bought some cotton crochet thread and I pulled it so tight that it broke! I finally bit the bullet and purchased the warp that everyone else was using: Maysville Cotton Warp. I had been putting it off because the shipping was as expensive as the thread itself and I, being spoiled by Amazon Prime, just couldn't bring myself to spend money on shipping. But alas, it got to the point where I just couldn't deal with subpar warps. 

When the warp arrived, I immediately got to working with it. 

Don't you want to live in this Downton Abbey scene?! 

For this weaving, I'm using a simple white acrylic yarn with a strand of mini sequins. It's so fun! 

Close up of the mini sequins. 

I'm working this weaving into a point and then I'm thinking I'll add purple rya to it. I'm loving how it's turning out so far. 

And just a pretty one- I have these Christmas lights wrapped around my headboard and in the last couple of weeks they have been blinking off and on constantly because a bulb is lose. I was able to fix them and enjoy the light again.