weekend reading


The links, the links, what what, the links. 

Shoutout to my local public radio station, KERA, for being amazing and providing me with my new favorite tune. I was listening on my way to work and there was an ad and the background music of the ad was so good but I didn't have time to shazam it. I emailed them, thinking I'd probably never get a response, and 24 hours later the director of radio operations himself emailed me with the song name and link to the song! Amazing! 

I'm totally in love with the gorgeous home and workspace of the creator of M2Malletier.

Also in inspiring workspaces: Marin Montagut's Atelier in Normandy. Please can I go and stay there?? Also, how fun is the pillow in photo #7? 

I'm all about seasonal eating when it comes to produce. Especially tomatoes. This article further confirmed that food just tastes better when it's in season...or you know, when you are frolicking through Europe. 

Oh man. Internet fame and the youngins. This is long but totally worth the read. 

I nanny for a food blogger which means I have the oh so difficult job of eating delicious food and hand modeling while also taking care of a baby. Last week she made this awesome baked oatmeal. It was so good and I definitely need to make some this weekend. 

Also food related: I follow @lifeofavegetarian on instagram to get meal ideas. I tried her veggie pancake concoction this week and it's pretty good. I need to tweak it a little to make the batter a better consistency, but it was easy and yummy. 

I'm really enjoying watching You, Me, and the Apocalypse

I started reading Dear Mr. Knightley this week after reading tons of blog posts about it in the last few months. I'm really liking it so far and it has 5-star potential for sure. 

And finally, on Sundays I'm going to start doing a new feature called this week in pictures. I'll post my favorite photos from the week! Fun!