One of my friends invited me to spend this past weekend at her lakehouse with her and several other gal pals, so of course I brought some crafts along. I intended to do a lot of work on a baby quilt, but I ended up lounging around with my friends most of the time. But I did start my Worsted Twist Seed Stitch Wrap v. 2

yessssss no words describe the feeling of opening up a box from purl soho! 

lakehouse mornings are perfection

My friend Emily is also knitting the same wrap. I warned her about how crazy we are to do this, but she was up for it. It's already been fun knowing that someone else is working on it at the same time, with many of the same colors. 

friends that knit together...go crazy together? 

Speaking of colors, when my yarn arrived I was less than thrilled with a few of the colors I chose. They were beautiful, no doubt about that, but they didn't look great together. I returned 4 skeins and I'll be exchanging them for some other colors. 

the colors I originally ordered

the colors I'm actually going to use

I am already obsessed with this Super Pink yarn. I'm dreaming of other ways to use it. It's certainly a pop of color! I'm trying to update my Ravelry page more, so I'm documenting this project in fuller detail over there. 

sunday morning perfection

love the pink with the grey polka dots!

I'm sure I'll post many more updates about this project...hopefully it doesn't take 11 months to finish