weekend reading


Is it just me or have the weekends been coming faster and faster lately?! My life timeline has been all off these days and I find myself constantly not knowing what day it is! I guess that happens when there is a lot going on. I didn't have too many links this week, but here are the ones that stuck out. 

I've been following Madalynne's blog for a few months now and I'm always in awe of her sewing skills! She makes such pretty things with incredible craftsmanship. 

I finally ordered more yarn to make a second Seed Stitch Wrap. I cannot wait until the yarn arrives! A friend also ordered some yarn to make the wrap, proving that I am not the only crazy person in the world. Here are the colors I chose. 

this is what I call "janky fake photoshop"

I've always taken comfort in knowing that there are lots of people out in the world who are awake and keeping things running while I am asleep. This post by Sarah Bessey was a good reminder of that. I'm thankful for those doing the night watch. 

N.YC. to L.A. to N.Y.C. to L.A., Ad Infinitum had me laughing out loud. 

This mall-turned-apartment building is so adorable!! How fun would it be to live there with all your friends?! 

I loved this post about 2 pregnant mamas. It's amazing how different conception, pregnancy, and birth is for everyone. 

I made these delicious stacked enchiladas this week. Yum!