sea captain update


Back in November, I shared this Sea Captain embroidery project I was working on. I took a little hiatus on it (probably because of a giant knot...knots make me reassess life) but I'm back at it and I'm having so much fun! 

Part of the reason I took a break was because the intricate detailing of the hat was intimidating me. Once I started working on it, though, I found that it is easy and not intimidating at all. I'm mostly using running stitch or straight stitch, which are pretty much the easiest embroidery stitches out there. 

In weaving, there is a "dark side of the loom" hashtag, that is, the back of the weaving where all the secrets (er, ugly bits) hide. I'm starting a new thing- "dark side of the hoop", the crazy back side of embroidery! Here's my dark side!

#darksideofthehoop. just go with it. 

This dark side actually isn't too dark at all. My first many embroidery projects look AWFUL on the back. I've learned over the years how to not make knots unless I absolutely have to, which leads to a much cleaner looking dark side. 

Hopefully knots and intimidation won't stop me from keeping on with this one. I'm already trying to think of how I want to finish it. At first I was thinking I would stain a hoop and just hang it on the hoop, but now I'm thinking it would be cool to cut it into a square, sew a border, and let the ends fray. Ah, possibilities! 

Embroidery pattern: Sea Captain by Cozy Blue