weekend reading

Links links links! I blogged 3 times this week so let's just pause and appreciate that for a moment. 

Ok great! 

I have been reading In the Company of Women and it's full of wisdom and goodness, but my favorite part? The photos of everyone's studios and workspaces! I have always loved getting a glimpse into the behind the scenes views of creatives' lives and this book allows me to do just that. Another thing I have been reading all week that gives me that same nosiness? Our Tools Ourselves. How have I not known about this sooner?! Karen Templer at Fringe does a great job at asking all the details I want to know and I am so enjoying the photos and stories behind various knitters' work. 

Get your tissues ready. We Found Our Son in the Subway

Howwwww cute are these printable calendars?! I don't use a paper calendar often but these have me wanting to.

I'm all caught up on Call the Midwife so I have been filling my British TV void with The Crown and Outnumbered

Christmas is over but Christmas quilt inspiration will never be. I am OBSESSED with these versions of Amy's Improv Modern Patchwork Trees quilt blocks