weekend reading

December! How did this happen so fast?! I am happy you're here, but I also need time to slow down just a little bit. This week has flown by and I am excited to have arrived at the weekend. I've got lots of fun plans and am hoping to work on a long-abandoned Christmas quilt back this weekend so I can snuggle up with some hot chocolate!


Hygge. You've probably heard of it. It's starting to be a "thing" here in the US of A but I've known about it (and have practiced it) for a few years now. It's my fave. Candles, coziness, friends, community. All the best things. Educate yourselves and get to hygge-ing. (I've got 4 glassybaby lit right now and am listening to French Cafe Pandora, so I'm enjoying some real hygge vibes.)

Mittens inspired by mittens!

A couple of years ago I was perusing Pinterest and came across something that sounded so amazing- cranberry brie grilled cheese. I thought that I surely would remember it by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, but I never did. Not so for this year!! I remembered and I made this lovely Joy the Baker iteration of it and it did not disappoint! My only sadness was when I ran out of cranberry sauce. I'll just have to wait til Christmas to enjoy the melty tangy sandwich once again. 

Pussy Hat Project! Millions of women are going to be marching in DC on January 21 and I don't know much about DC but I do know this- it's hella cold in January. So let's knit up some hats for these rad ladies. 

I have major cute aggression over these adorable tiny patchwork Christmas stockings!!!

I wanna try this fun bubble art