weekend reading

Happy Sunday, friends! Exciting things have been happening around here and led to my delayed post. I got a new job! It was fast and sudden but I am loving it and am already excited about working there, even if it means less blog time :) 

Links and things!

I am finally watching Stranger Things. I'm probably the last person on the planet to watch it but I am a sensitive soul and needed to make very sure that I could handle it. It's pretty intense and there have been a few scenes where I closed my eyes, but I really like it!! I finally understand things like Eggo waffles, the "upside down", and why Wynona Ryder has been holding Christmas lights. I love being in the know!

I need these stat. Peanut butter cookies seem like a Christmas thing to me because my family really only ever has them at Christmas, but I'm thinking I need to make them a year-round thing. Especially when they are dipped in chocolate. 

Speaking of cookies, Italian nutritionists say we should eat them for breakfast, which you certainly don't have to suggest to me twice. 

Also in food, Kale Sweet Potato Curry. One of my bffs and I can't stop eating this. It's so easy and really delicious. 

More food! I made this pasta earlier this week and it was perfect. 

One last food-related post: cookbook club! This sounds so fun and you get a lot of good food too! 

Ok I lied. Here is my last food-related link for real. Y'all know about my love for Chef's Table but you didn't know that I enjoyed the music just as much as the cinematography, especially the music from the Francis Mallman episode

At my new job I have MY VERY OWN OFFICE. Y'all. This is serious. I am so excited to make it cute and I made a moodboard and everything! In my search for a bookshelf or small dresser, I came across this very inspiring and helpful Buzzfeed article

Oh you guys. I had to do it. I've been watching bits of this video for fun (you just learned a lot about me as a person) and then I did it. What I'm saying is that I bought a pair of size 50 glittery knitting needles. I don't regret this impulse purchase at all. 

And while we are on the topic of knitting- it is useful in so many ways, even in parenting and in social networking!

I want a sample of every single scent, please.

It's the little things.  

#slotober has me thinking still and, not gonna lie, kinda feeling guilty about my buying and getting-rid-of-things habits. But I can make informed choices in the future and can try to buy things that are better for everyone

Well ok! I'm off to enjoy more Stranger Things and to hopefully make a dent in a library book or two!