weekend reading

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving! I promise I have crafts to update everyone on! I will eventually get to posting about them :) Let's just say that both of my hands will be warm this winter yay! 

But for now, just some links! 

Today is Friday, November 25. You know what that means? GILMORE GIRLS. I'm actually working today but only til 2:30, so from 3pm on, it is binge watching time. I've got a plan with a close friend and we are going to sit on the couch in comfy clothes and knit and eat Thanksgiving leftovers and laugh and cry and it's going to be perfect. 

I HAVE NO WORDS. This dress is so stunning. I seriously can't think of anything else to say because my words do it absolutely no justice! I'm definitely adding the pattern for it to my wishlist. 

The Compliment Project. I love this. I'm thinking of all sorts of places I could leave the little posters around. 

Minimalist/conscious wardrobe, socks edition!

My friend Erin posted this recipe for NO CHURN, FOUR INGREDIENT peppermint ice cream this week!!! I am so excited. I LOVE peppermint ice cream but it's difficult to find when it's not December so I am super pumped to have an easy recipe for it. #praisehandsemojis 

Purl Soho posted about this gorgeous Julie Hoover sweater the other day (and I just so happened to be listening to the Julie Hoover episode of Woolful!) and it is beautiful. It's going on my list of potential first sweater patterns! 

Currently reading

I'm getting a record player and a few records this week (gotta spend that first paycheck wisely!). I figure I can't go wrong with Frank and Ella Christmas records, and of course I gotta have Luluc. I can't wait to incorporate records into my morning routine and add to my record collection. 

I hope you all have a great weekend full of delicious food, binge watching Netflix, and only the best things!