weekend reading

Well hello weekend! Oh October, I am so glad you are here. I am ready for cooler weather and warmer drinks. I have bought the coziest blanket cape ever and I can't wait for the weather to cooperate so I can wear it NONSTOP. This week I crafted as usual, read as usual (meaning I was speed reading the day before a library book was due), and also I went to Luke's Diner! 

I woke up at 5:45 to meet with a friend to experience this...that is true love and friendship. 

Here's to the weekend!

Apple muffins. Be like me and bake them in a cake pan and feel oh so decadent when you eat a slice for breakfast. 

8 benefits of a daily sketchbook habit. I dream of having a daily sketchbook habit. I love when I do contribute to my sketchbook but it's definitely not a daily occurrence for me. I just might have to change that after reading this post! The point about having 365 drawings instead of like 30 is definitely a good one! 

And since I'm on a knitting kick, let's indulge it with some really cool old photos of people knitting! This inspires me to find more time to knit, like when I'm just waiting around for things. 

All the heart eyes emojis for this thick and thin cowl!

omg this had me laughing so hard. When you're a 30 y/o man and realize you can decorate however you want

Donate your old books to prisons. This is so cool and not something I had previously thought of.

Secrets of people with all the time in the world. Summed up: have boundaries.  

"They understand how our fingers are connected to our hearts." Connection and creating

All 47 Vice Presidents, Ranked by Hotness. I like this because it's silly and funny and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ACCURATE. 

Now that I know how to do stranded color work, I really wanna make these Totoro mittens!

I think I'm gonna have to make this salt scrub for my Sunday night relaxation routine!

Have a fab one!