stitches texas 2016

Yay! A Stitches recap! Here's how it all happened. The week before Stitches, I woke up thinking about this woven wrap. Yes, this is what wakes me up in the middle of the night- craft projects. This wrap is made on a rigid heddle loom which is very different than the lap looms I have been using. The loom is a somewhat large financial investment, so I was wary of buying it, especially since I had no idea how to use it. I googled "rigid heddle loom classes Dallas" and lo and behold, the website for Stitches Texas popped up and there was going to be a class THE NEXT WEEK. 


I added the class to my cart, and a knitting class for good measure, and then texted one of my close friends about it in case this was a dumb financial decision (the classes at Stitches aren't exactly cheap). She said to think about it for 2 days and look at my bank account and you know, be an adult and make sure there were no big expenses coming up. Did I take her advice? A little bit. I waited an hour. Or maybe a half hour. Definitely not 2 days. I didn't want the classes to sell out! Then I spent the next week longing for Friday. I bought yarn for my classes and did my knitting homework (the best kind of homework). 

my class supplies

Then Friday came! Yay! 

I did rigid heddle weaving with the talented Deborah Jarchow. She was a great and very experienced teacher. The first 3 hours of the class were dedicated to helping everyone choose their warp and weft yarns, turning skeins into balls, and learning to warp the loom. Then there was a lunch break and after that, we wove! It was a lot of fun but tbh a little boring. I'm glad I did the class because Iearned it wasn't as satisfying to me as weaving on a lap loom. I like that you can make longer and wider things on the rigid heddle but I don't see myself investing in one (for now...). 

my chosen yarns

warping the loom!

that's one good lookin' warp if I do say so myself

the red yarn is waste yarn that separates the warp so it is evenly spaced; the pink yarn is my first few rows!

oh yeah looking good

my (mostly) finished scarf! I still need to wet finish it and trim up my stray ends and fringe.

~close up~

Then on Sunday I took Norwegian mittens!!! Beth Brown-Reinsel taught the class. I was SO excited for this class because it was going to be my first foray into stranded color work, something that has always intimidated me. When I've seen other people's stranded projects I've really admired them but thought that I could never do them. A class was the perfect time to try it out so that I could have hands on instruction and help if (when) something went wrong. To my delight and surprise, stranded color work is not hard at all! If you can knit, you can do stranded color work! The hardest part is figuring out how to hold 2 yarns at once and even then, when you get that down, you are good to go! We made most of 1 mitten in class. I need to make the other one and my encouragement is that the first one took only about 8 hours total, so if I just knit an hour a day, I'll have a complete pair in about a week! 

that row on the needles was my first stranded row ever!!! shoutout to all my instagram followers who liked and commented on this pic even though they had no idea what I was talking about 🙃

I was checking to see if it fit- it did!


the palm side

all of the student mittens! (note that I am apparently a super speedy knitter and got further than everyone else...#humblebrag)

I came home, put on my jammers, and finished the mitten!

And it wouldn't be a knitting convention without a little shopping, now would it?! I didn't want my weaving hobby to feel left out so I got some cute tiny weaving tools from the Hill Country Weavers booth for my Hockett loom! I got 2 tiny beaters- one for me and one for one of my weaving pals! This is way classier than the dinner forks we've been using. I also got a cute shed stick and a rad needle. 

I spotted some Hedgehog Fibres yarn at the Steven Be booth on Friday that I really wanted but I talked myself out of it. But then of course I was thinking of its perfection and how it was going to get snatched up if I didn't buy it. So I hemmed and hawed and then on Saturday morning I went and bought it. If you ever need an enabler while shopping, I'm your girl. 


So there you have it, my Stitches Texas 2016 recap! I loved going and I definitely want to go again next year! I loved walking around and seeing everyone knitting, asking people about their projects, wearing a shawl around and having people compliment it, and doing the same of others! I want my everyday life to be like Stitches!