weekend reading

Hello weekend! I have been knitting like a madwoman, thus my silence here. I just finished a scarf and I am still plugging away on the Seed Stitch Wrap and my Doodler. I'm thinking I'll still be able to finish my knitting goals for the year woohoo! 

I have A LOT of links for y'all this week, so get ready.

A while ago I saw THE FUNNIEST video ever thanks to Buzzfeed- a clip of Jurassic Park overdubbed with someone playing the theme song HORRIBLY on harmonica. It was one of those videos that elicited instant hysterical cry-laughing from me. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. So when I saw this post this week that started off with the Jurassic Park clip, I knew it was destined to make me laugh. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I watched the clips multiple times yesterday and I cried just as much every single time. 

Is this a good time?

Knitting for Victory.

My sister and I are obsessed with London Fogs (aka Earl Grey tea latte) and we also love hot chocolate. So of course we tried this London Fog Hot Chocolate. You guys. It was amazing.

Another hot chocolate I want to try

Obviously with all this hot chocolate drinking I need a cute knitted coffee sleeve!

This kid is going places

Weaving inspo!

Down with the open-concept offices!

I've been wanting a good high quality, but pretty, apron to wear for all my crafty adventures and it looks like I'm not the only girl wanting feminine and durable work wear

I have been keeping up with all the #slotober posts from Karen at Fringe Association and it's made me think a lot about buying, getting rid of, and mending clothes. It's also made me revel in the slowness of creating things by hand and of enjoying the process. I particularly liked these quotes/posts:
-"A thing I know is that making for my favorite people is a way to take care of them
-"The idea of creating is on my mind almost constantly"
These are the things I’m thinking about as I knit alone in my home, as I do a thing that no one is watching me do. This is what I’ll carry with me when I wear my sweater in the wide world. Secret, humming power. Stitches done in a quiet place. Prayers and groans woven in. Not “I want,” but rather “I am.”"

Political think-piece time: If Hillary Clinton Groped Men

How the Media Scrutiny of Chelsea Clinton Affected a Generation of Curly-Haired Girls