weekend reading

Oh my friends, I have been bitten by the knitting bug HARD. I am so thankful to Stitches and the renewed knitting energy and passion it has given me! Making a crafting goals list has certainly been helpful as well and it has given me the motivation I need to press on when I'm getting a little bored. I've made lots of progress on my knitting goals!

Time for some links!

Stop everything you are doing and go watch Andrew Bird's Tiny Desk Concert. It is too good. 

File this under: things that are only increasing my knitting motivation. I have fallen down the rabbit hole of the Woolful podcast. I now want to live the most fiber-tastic life imaginable. 

Check out this beautiful Aerial Grove quilt. #hearteyesemojis

The cutest black and white bebe quilt!

Why Netflix and chill when you can Netflix and knit?! 

Rachel Denbow is always posting cute weaving stuff on Instagram and I've seen this necklace on her feed a few times and she shared a tut for it on A Beautiful Mess! Yay!

Poetess extraordinaire Nayyirah Waheed's gorgeous book salt. is FO FREE on the Kindle store right now! 

I need EVERYTHING on this website

Currently binge reading: Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay (book 3 of the Neapolitan novels). I am so excited to be close to caught up with this series! 

The number of times I have watched this video since I saw Boy & Bear at the Kessler last week? Countless!