weekend reading


I didn't do much online reading this week because I was too busy with reading an actual book! I'm really enjoying it. 

Yoga with Adriene. Apparently this gal has been going viral for a while now but I am just finding out. I did one of the Yoga Camp videos on Monday and was sold when she was telling us yogis in a British accent to leave some space "between thy crotch and thy ankles". I've been keeping up with Yoga Camp and I am loving it! 

I started watching Jane the Virgin last week after a friend's recommendation and it cracks me up every single episode! The melodrama is hilarious and the acting is actually really good. Thoroughly enjoying it! 

Lessons in Courage and Passion, from Lady Gaga

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Brené Brown. I would be even if I wasn't a counselor. But now that I am a counselor, she is my role model. I JUST LOVE HER. The Anatomy of Trust.

A Hot Mess for Hillary. 2016 is here. Time for election talk. 

These last 2 are sad, but powerful.
The Friend. Wow. That is real love.  
The Tail End. Definitely makes me want to spend more quality time with people.