weekend reading


Happy New Year! What a week...my younger sister got married yesterday so the last week has been a big blur of family, friends, and wedding stuff. My New Year's Eve was spent at her rehearsal dinner and was followed up with watching While You Were Sleeping (a family NYE favorite) and going to bed before 11! Honestly, it was ideal. Low key NYE is my jam. 

Onto the links!

I am a sucker for ginger, St. Germain, and rosé, so obviously I must make this drink soon. 

Last week, it rained a ton here and as I was exiting the highway, I hydroplaned SO BAD. It was really scary and I somehow managed not to crash. As soon as I got home I found this article so that I would be better prepared next time (hopefully there is no next time!). 

Hashtags galore. Yes. I'm instagrammed obsessed and I do love me some hashtags. 

We all know that I know how to play. I've got lots of fun outlets. I prioritize crafts in my budget so that I can continue doing them at will. Apparently, I am doing things right! Thanks, New York Times!

I've been wearing my seed stitch wrap as often as possible (and getting tons of compliments on it! Always encouraging after you've spent many many hours working on something) and I can't believe that I am crazy enough to want to do it all over again. I'll be purchasing this yarn kit with my Christmas money. I'm sure I'll be complaining about how boring it is to knit in about a month.

Teens and their phones.

The Town Without Wifi. What. I cannot.

18 Resolutions You Won't Regret Making in 2016.