weekend reading


yes! the weekend. i’ve got some good links for this weekend!

I finished the first season of Jane the Virgin this week and I immediately went to Hulu to start the second season…only to find out that they have only the 5 most recent episodes, so I had to buy the first 3 eps of season 2 on Amazon. Le sigh. Why do they do this to us? But I’m about to be all caught up now hooray! 

This Woman Knitted a Life-Size Doll of Her Son Because He Wouldn't Hug Her Anymore. WHY ARE HUMANS SO FUNNY. A friend sent this to me, knowing it was right up my alley, and I am forever grateful. It is so funny. 

I am IN LURVE with these gorgeous handmade woodrocks by Victoria Wagner. I really want one. Just beautiful. 

Darlingside on World Cafe. Oh yes. I love Darlingside and I love World Cafe. What more could I ask for? 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have been doing the Yoga with Adrienne videos most mornings. I am really enjoying them and now that Lisa Currie made this awesome Did You Yoga Today printable, I can do my yoga and then get the distinct pleasure of circling it. It’s gonna be so fun to get to 100! 

Vikki Chu has been posting these really gorgeous botanical paintings on her Instagram page and I am loving seeing them in their full variations on her tumblr.