weekend reading


woo hoo it's friday! welcome, weekend! this weekend I'm looking forward to seeing some puppies, celebrating some birthdays, and enjoying dinner with a dear friend. and hopefully i'll be doing some crafting! 

links for the week!

7 can soup from the pioneer woman. I made this yesterday. I did more like 5 can soup, but it is GOOD. You just can't beat a meal that takes virtually no prep work and only 20 minutes to cook! 

what I learned in 12 weeks of therapy for social media addiction. I post a lot about social media/phone/internet addiction mostly because I am always reassessing my own relationship with technology. still pondering it all. 

Eventually I am going to sign up for this waterbrush lettering course...eventually. 

last summer I read, along with the rest of the entire world, the life-changing magic of tidying up. as soon as I was done reading, I got rid of like everything. it was amazing. now I'm doing the same on my computer- this week I rid myself of most of my bookmarks (I never go back to any of those sites anyway) and I got my inbox from over 6000 emails to just 200 #lifegoals 

this was a sad week in the world of entertainment. I'm not really a David Bowie fan, but I am a big Alan Rickman fan, especially in his role as Snape. I watched this hilarious prank he played on Daniel Radcliffe multiple times and laughed and laughed. I will miss Alan Rickman's amazing voice and wonderful acting. 

I was really glad to see that the New York Times covered pulsatile tinnitus in their Think Like a Doctor segments (here and here) last week.