weekend(ish) reading


~christmas eve vibes~

Oops. I missed a week. But it was Christmas and I was reveling in Christmas cheer! I read a lot. I ate a lot. I binge watched on Netflix. All the Christmas things. 

Now, some links!

At one of the Christmas parties I went to last week I had this wine. I immediately became obsessed. It is the only wine I want to drink anymore. Also, it is PINOOOOOOT NOOOOOIR. 

If you didn't understand that reference, it's because you didn't binge watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt like I did. 

My dad got Exploding Kittens for Christmas and we played many a round of it. I am not a big game person, but I loved this one because it was easy and doesn't last forever. 

I'm in love with my local public radio stations, KERA and KXT, and especially one of our local shows, Texas Standard. One of the gals from KXT wrote an article about the best music this year and I (mostly) agree with her!

This gingersnap breakfast risotto sounds SO GOOD. 

15 Things Therapists Actually Want You to Know. In my real life I am a therapist and this article is 100% accurate. And no, I'm not analyzing you every time we interact (stop making that joke, people. It is neither original nor funny). 

A few of my close friends are expecting babies in the spring and summer and I have been reading and sending them some articles. I thought this one was especially important. 

It Is Expensive to Be Poor. Yes. It's not as easy as just getting a job. 

And finally, some fiction I enjoyed in last week's New Yorker: Bedtimes