weaving class


Some things in life happen serendipitously. That's what happened with the weaving class I took this past weekend. I was at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago and she had this great weaving hanging next to her front door. I asked her who made it and she told me it was by Laken from Woven Laine. I started following Laken on Instagram and about 5 days after I started following her, she posted that she had an opening for her weaving workshop that was coming up over the weekend. I saw the post about an hour after she had posted, though, and a few people had already said that they wanted the spot. I commented anyway and an hour later, to my surprise, Laken said that the spot was mine! I headed to her website and signed up for the class and proceeded to very impatiently wait for Sunday to come. 

Sunday finally came and I headed to the wonderful Akola Project for class. It was a small class which was perfect because it meant lots of one-on-one, hands on teaching. It was 3 and a half hours long, the perfect length of time for creating a mini weaving/ornament! We went home with a lap loom (that's 3 looms that I now own, for anyone keeping count!), shed stick, shuttle, tapestry needle, and fork. 

I have been practicing weaving on my mini loom for a few weeks now, so I feel pretty comfortable with the basic weave, but the class was still so helpful for me. We learned soumak, how to create a shape within a weaving, rya, and finishing techniques. The class was so fun and the kind staff at Akola gave each of us a necklace to take home as well! 

Soumak (the braided area) and my first woven triangle. 

Filling in the sides with a festive gold yarn. 

My finished weaving still on the loom, pre weaving in the ends. 

All ends woven in!

Ta da! My finished mini weaving! 

My weaving, looking super cute on the Christmas decorations at Akola Project. 

After class, I came home even more inspired to continue weaving. I've been using this blog to help me remember the skills I learned in class and to learn new techniques. Yay weaving!