weekend reading


Bread, tea, coffee, and souffles? I think a better Saturday doesn't exist. 

Well, I didn't write at all in the last week, but there wasn't much going on craft-wise! I did manage to fill my time with lots of reading and some crafty inspiration, so here are some good things I liked this week:

-I finished reading Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. I loved the setting of the book (a vineyard in Northern California) and reading all the various details about winemaking. I loved that aspect of the book so much that now I want to read ALL about the winemaking process! I found this great article in which sommeliers discuss their favorite wine books, so I will definitely be checking some of those books out soon.

-On Halloween, I had the most perfect girls' afternoon with a good friend from college. We ate at one of my favorite Dallas restaurants, rise no. 1, and then saw Burnt ("Because themes," my friend said). It was perfection. Somehow during our afternoon, my friend and I started discussing Breakfast at Tiffany's and our mutual love for Audrey Hepburn. My friend told me that I MUST read Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M., which is about how Breakfast at Tiffany's came to be. I immediately one-clicked it and proceeded to binge read it. It was fantastic and it made me love Breakfast at Tiffany's and Audrey even more! 

-Self-compassion and why it is so much more important than self-esteem. I am in the middle of reading Kristin Neff's book (the author mentioned in this article) and it is full of wisdom. 

-Finally, something craft related! I have seen several different tops and dresses in the last few weeks that I would love to make. I need to print off the patterns and get to making. I want to make the Fen dress, the Lou Box Top, the ever-famous Linden Sweatshirt, and the 100 Acts of Sewing Dress #2, just to name a few. 

-I follow tons of different makers on Instagram and this past week, I was totally enamored with a project Cinder & Honey was working on. #embroiderygoals 

Hopefully next week will be a little craftier! I'm hoping to be inspired this weekend by all the great makers at The Dallas Flea