christmas quilting


For as long as I have been seriously sewing (about 6 years now) I have wanted to make a Christmas quilt. Most of the bloggers I follow make Christmas quilts seemingly every year and it just looked so festive and fun. Last December, I went to JoAnn to check out their Christmas fabric selection for an ornament project. Let's be really honest here for a minute: I have Strong Feelings about getting fabric at JoAnn. But I found some seriously cute Christmas fabric there! So I bought lots and made ornaments and also a simple Christmas patchwork quilt. It was everything I wanted it to be! 

Last year's Christmas quilt top. 

So of course I needed to make another one this year. 

This past spring, I struck Christmas fabric gold. Aneela Hoey is one of my favorite fabric designers. She made some truly adorable fabrics several years ago, before I was sewing, and because her fabrics are so popular, they are very difficult to find online. I have wanted her Cherry Christmas fabrics ever since I found out about them, but they are in very limited supply online and are outrageously priced. One morning, I was perusing instagram with my morning cup of tea (a favorite daily ritual of mine) and she posted that she was going to be listing some Cherry Christmas fat quarter sets in her online shop later that day. So I did what any sensible person does- I set my instagram to notify me when she next posted and had her website pulled up in Safari so that as soon as she posted, I would get on her site and order a FQ set! I succeeded in being one of about 10 people to get a Cherry Christmas FQ set and I was THRILLED. 

I was going to make a Donut Quilt with my FQs, but I couldn't find a background fabric that fit my artistic vision for this quilt, so I decided to stick with what I know and do a simple patchwork quilt. I bought some Cotton and Steel Christmas fabric earlier this year and the colors matched well with the Cherry Christmas, so this weekend I got to cutting. This time I wanted the quilt to be bigger, so I cut out 64 9" squares.

One of my biggest crafting pet peeves is when I have mostly finished a quilt- cut and pieced everything, basted and quilted it- and then I have to freaking cut out the binding, sew the binding together, iron it, and attach it. It's just the worst. So, I make my life easier and cut and piece the binding at the same time I cut and piece everything else so that when I'm ready to attach it, it's all there for me ready to go. I've got everything all cut out and now all that's left to do is get started on the piecing! I'm pretty excited to have a bigger Christmas quilt to snuggle up under while watching all my favorite Christmas movies. 

I use my high school math skills more for quilts than anything else! 

Making sure all the fabrics look good together. 

All of my squares cut out and ready to go!