weekend reading

Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, everyone! I had a pretty great day yesterday- I went for a walk in the morning where I enjoyed all the trees that have turned to their fall colors, binge-watched a TV show, and of course, stuffed my face with all the Thanksgiving faves. Here are some links I liked this week:

-Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn't mean that we can't keep cooking and eating all the delicious things. I particularly enjoyed the Creamed Cornbread Casserole and this Amaretto Pumpkin Pie yesterday! Can't wait to eat the leftovers!

-Hilarious crafting idea...slightly NSFW!

-I found out the other day that Flesh and Bone's entire first season is available On Demand, so you better believe I finished watching all of it this week. It was really good. It was dark, but I only had to cover my eyes a handful of times so I was able to finish it. Any darker, though, and I'm out! I'm hoping they put a soundtrack out because the music was truly beautiful, especially in the last few episodes. 

-I have been wanting to learn how to do a headstand and handstand for a while now, but I couldn't figure it out. This video has really helped! I've been practicing and it's so fun!! 

-This Buzzfeed post about how to listen to the new Adele album made me laugh. 

-A sweet story

Happy weekend! I'll be on the couch with books, movies, and crafts. And maybe some Christmas decorations!