in which i buy a loom right after buying a loom


So you know how a couple of weeks ago I got it in my head that I NEEDED a loom? And I proceeded to buy a really beautiful handmade one? Well, this past weekend I was at my local fabric shop, Urban Spools, to buy some fabric for a Christmas quilt and I spotted a loom. I looked at it and immediately looked at my friend Maria, who works there, and was like, "UGH I JUST BOUGHT ONE ON ETSY AHHH". She was like, "I know! I swear we got these after you bought yours!" She totally told me I needed it, but I exhibited amazing self-control and didn't buy it.....until I saw the mini one. 

Here's the thing: I love mini things. I always have. Mini things are just so cute. They bring out my cute aggression. You know, the "AHHH IT'S SO CUTE I COULD EAT IT I'M GONNA DIEEEE AHHH". That. I added the mini loom to my fabric pile and came home and immediately started playing with it. This particular loom came with a gorgeous handmade wooden tapestry needle that I just cannot get over. It is so well made and much prettier than a typical tapestry needle. 

The best part of the mini loom is that you can make a lil weaving really quickly. It took me about 2 hours to do the whole weaving. This go around I made a tiny wall hanging, but I'm already working on a fab rainbow coaster. 

When it comes to mini looms, always say yes.

My big loom that I recently received from Wood Creek Looms

My cute and tiny mini loom from Purl & Loop

All warped and getting started on the weft. That needle though. 

Gettin' cozy with my mini loom. 

My first weaving! 

My new rainbow weaving.