weekend reading

The world has changed a lot since I last wrote a weekend reading post. I have tried to not read too many news articles this week about Paris because I was having nightmares about it all. I did find this Facebook post to be particularly striking, though (it has since been removed, so I’m linking to a Buzzfeed article about it). I also really appreciated this blog post about how we can’t just sum up this (or any other) tragedy with nice words or thoughts.

Now, some lighter stuff. 

My favorite band, Punch Brothers, put out a new EP today. Mine is on its way in the mail! I can’t wait to listen. They also recorded a podcast with The Nerdist that came out this week. I loved listening to their process and how my favorite song on their new album came to be. 

One of my friends, Emily, writes a blog too. She recently talked about a friend of hers who writes a blog called Twenties True North that deals with all things twentysomething. I went over to it and read the entire thing. I loved it so much that I emailed the blogger. I found a kindred spirit for sure. 

Earlier in the week, I went to PF Changs and had an AMAZING ginger beer. I have wanted some ever since and so now I begin the quest of finding the perfect ginger beer recipe. I’m trying this one today, hopefully it will deliver the same gingery punch that the one at PF Changs did. 

Also in food/drink news: peanut butter cup deep dish cookies. What. 

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away. I’m planning on wearing my comfiest outfit, eating all of the sides and pie, and hanging out with the fam. Then of course comes the Christmas decorating!