a new obsession


My weaving from Wool and Weave and an art print from Hayley Mitchell, both purchased at The Dallas Flea. 

For about a year now, I have really wanted to learn how to weave using a lap loom. It all started with an article in Mollie Makes about Maryanne Moodie. Maryanne makes the most gorgeous pieces and her Instagram is the stuff of every crafter's dreams #weavinggoals. In addition to being inspired by Maryanne, weaving is having a moment on the interwebs- every blogger out there seems to have at least one gorgeous wall hanging- and this trend is one that I want to follow. Being a knitter, I already have an abundance of beautiful yarn, so I'm hoping to put some scraps to good use, plus it would be another excuse to buy yarn (as if I needed an excuse to buy yarn).

This past weekend, I attended The Dallas Flea, which is a big craft show here in Dallas. Marie of Wool and Weave was there and I purchased a pretty pink and yellow weaving from her. She had these ADORABLE mini weavings and they set off an insatiable and immediate need for a loom so I could make tiny goodness (I have an obsession with tiny things...I've had it my entire life and it continues into adulthood). I had looked at a few looms online last year when my interest was first piqued, but nothing really stood out. I wanted something that was functional, obviously, but let's be real, I also wanted it to be pretty. Since I am a lover of all things handmade, I took my search to Etsy and I was not disappointed. I found this absolutely stunning handmade loom and immediately placed my order. It has already shipped! Friends, you may all be getting tiny wall hangings this Christmas. When my loom arrives, I will be using this tutorial to get started. Here's to yet another craft obsession.