weekend reading


On Tuesday night, my friends and I ventured over to Klyde Warren Park for the annual Otsukimi festival, where we watched the full moon rise, walked around the park, and enjoyed learning about Japanese culture. 

One of my favorite posts on many of the blogs I read is the weekly send-off, complete with great finds on the web that the blogger found that week and wants to share. Joy the Baker has Let It Be Sunday, which is hands down my favorite blog post every single week. Mackenzie Horan does Weekend Reading on Saturdays, and Gabrielle Blair has A Few Things every Friday. Since that is an aspect of blogs that I love so much, I thought I'd do the same every Friday (or possibly Saturday or Sunday!). 

Here are some things I enjoyed this week:

-Girls ruling the world. This inventive gal started her own password-creating business. Very smart! 

-After taking a little break, one of my favorite podcasts, Call Your Girlfriend, is back! I missed you, Ann and Aminatou! 

-I made these pumpkin cookies yesterday and they are like perfect little pumpkin clouds. I loved that they needed just 1 cup of pumpkin- great for using leftover pumpkin. 

-Fall is finally here which means I will be drinking earl grey lattes (also called a London Fog) from now until probably late March. 

-Last month I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to The New York Times. I was constantly hitting the 10 free articles/month limit, so I committed for real and did the subscription. I have loved it and have read so many great articles, like this one about an awesome knitting retreat, this intriguing one about an artist's in-home installation of secrets, and this article on how books go from bestsellers to costing just pennies. Also, I really love doing the crossword minis every morning. 

Those were just a few highlights from my week. I'll be back next week with more crafts and inspiration!